Top 10 Things To Do With Kids at Living Heritage Koslanda

Looking for family holiday ideas? Why not look at Sri Lanka, a year round destination, with a diverse landscape and culture which makes for an exciting, engaging and ever changing natural playground for families and children who love an adventure. When planning a holiday in Sri Lanka an itinerary can include beach, safari, culture, city, festivals, train travel, surfing, whale watching, hiking, mountain biking and white water rafting. The hill country is one of the best places to stay in Sri Lanka if the outdoors is your idea of a great family getaway, and here at Living Heritage Koslanda, we will happily assist you with advice on what to see and do in Sri Lanka with kids.

Meantime we’ve rounded up our Top 10 things to do with kids who have a spirit of adventure and we hope you’ll agree that Living Heritage Koslanda is one of the best places to stay in Sri Lanka for families with a sense of adventure and a love of the outdoors.


  1. Toasting Marshmallows by a Bonfire

A beautiful roaring bonfire on a clear starry night; Parents can enjoy a cocktail under the canopy of stars, whilst the kids can roast marshmallow and share stories of the day – and we all know that even grown up children love a marshmallow roast!

  1. Forest Trail Walk 

An hour long easy trail through our very own backyard forest is engaging, educational and most importantly very beautiful. Kids can experience all of nature’s wonders close up; butterflies, monkeys, birds and bugs. They can even forage for fallen leaves to bring back to the hotel to make their own nature collage.


  1. Kids Cooking Class 

An easy, hands on crash course in making a favorite Sri Lanka recipe and staple breakfast treat – pol (coconut) roti. Under the careful guidance of our chef and kitchen staff, your kids get to make these tasty flat breads, in fun shapes and eat them too! For older kids who have a passion for cooking they can join in the Sri Lanka cooking class with other guests and learn how to make delicious curry dishes, or try their hand at making egg hoppers.


  1. Gentle canyoning

Our river walk takes us through the jungle and offers gentle slides for a very very light canyoning experience – very easy and safe for younger kids, plenty of natural pools to muck about and cool down in. For confident swimmers the end game, and highlight is a swim in our own private waterfall pool, surrounded  by the sounds of the jungle. Total bliss and loads of fun.


  1. Croquet on the Lawn 

Fancy mastering the genteel sport of croquet – the traditional British past time is associated with fine manners and high teas, however our experience is that it can bring out the most competitive streak in anyone playing! How about parents vs kids – let the games begin!


  1. Lantern making at Vesak

The most important Buddhist festivals of the year in Sri Lanka is Vesak, which celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha every May. The entire country celebrates by hanging beautiful paper lanterns outside their homes and they line the streets. At Living Heritage Koslanda we encourage kids to try their hands at helping our staff in lantern making, that we can then use to decorate the resort.


  1. Picking and Drying Organic Pepper

On our 80 Acre Estate, we grow our own organic pepper – for many children, their stay with us will be the first time they physically see how and where many of the spices they are used to seeing pre-packed in their super markets at home, grow. Accompany our gardeners around the estate to pick the ripe pepper corns and see how we dry them, so they can be used in our kitchen. If pepper isn’t in season, a variety of limes, herbs, leafy vegetables and fruits will be in our organic kitchen garden.


  1. Picnics in the forest

How about packing a picnic lunch basket before heading out on a walk to the waterfall? A great way of getting your child immersed and appreciating the outdoors; our staff will be happy to prepare a picnic basket for you before a forest walk, so you can enjoy your lunch under the jungle canopy – but don’t feed any curious monkeys!


  1. How many monkeys/bugs/birds/butterflies can you track? A counting game

With 80 acres of forest, we share our space with some interesting critters; from giant squirrels to the occasional but rarely seen elephant, butterflies in all sizes, birds, amphibians, reptiles and quite a few troops of monkeys. This is a fun and really easy activity to keep kids entertained on any walk through our forest.


  1. Leaf Rubbing 

This is incredibly easy, and can entertain younger children for hours – simply collect dried fallen leaves of all shapes and sizes from the surrounding forest and get colouring –  place a sheet of paper on a dried fallen leaf from the forest and gently rub over it with crayon or pencil. Make sure the leaf is placed on a hard, flat surface under the sheet of paper.


We hope our suggestions ensure you to have a great stay with us and the best possible family holiday in Sri Lanka. Of course we’d love to hear your comments and suggestion. Drop your thoughts in the comments section below .