The Top 3 Sri Lankan Tropical Delights To Get Your Hands Sticky With This Summer!

The month of May brings with it the onset of the best of the island’s tropical seasonal fruit which are widely available (with the exception of perhaps the north and some of the east coast) throughout the island.  It’s no surprise that our guests at Living Heritage Koslanda from the west rave about how much juicier, sweet and pronounced in flavor our fruit is here in Sri Lanka, compared to the same fruit found back in the west; everything from the sharpness of our sticky sweet pineapples to creamy bananas in all their shapes, sizes and colour to the refreshing watermelons and coconut water.  This bounty of tropical fruit can be simply plucked off a tree or simply cut open at a street-stall, all in a perfect state of ripeness. In the coming weeks and months, be sure to look out for OUR Personal favourites:

Mangosteen – The Queen of Fruits: Rich in carbohydrates, calcium, vitamin C and B, the Mangosteen grows on large evergreen trees and bears this amazing fruit only from the beginning of May through to September. The coastal areas of Kalutara and Bentota are famous for their Mangosteens, found in abundance by pavement fruit sellers. A challenging fruit to ‘crack’, a Mangosteen is best opened by placing the fruit between both palms and firmly squashing the fruit ‘til it cracks open to reveal a cluster of sweet and sour white petal like fruit. Simply Delicious! Be warned, this fruit is highly addictive!

Mango is Considered the Queen of Fruit

Custard Apple – Not a looker on the outside, proving it’s what’s inside that counts: Thought to have been first introduced to Asia by the Spanish, custard apple trees grow in most parts of Sri Lanka. Don’t let a knobby rough exterior fool you; inside you’ll find the creamiest and sweetest of fruit, white in color, wrapped around pitch black inedible seeds. It makes an absolutely delicious drink and is rich with is a rich source of minerals. The custard apple is also said to have antioxidants like vitamin C and has properties that are said to fight heart disease and control blood pressure.

The rambutan and custard apple, physically distinctive and delicious

Rambutan – Hairy and sweet –  it’s a Sri Lankan summer institution: One of many plus factors of traveling to Sri Lanka between May to September, is for the hairy yet exotic beauty, the Rambutan. In fact, we wouldn’t blame you if you traveled to Sri Lanka just for this fruit! While the fruit is not native to the island, the variety grown here is seasonal and one of the most sought after seasonal fruit in the island – a real treat to have in the summer months. The varieties we have here in Sri Lankan are Malaysian, either an orange-red or ‘Malaysian yellow’ (yellow in color), and you’ll find then in mounted heaps sold on pavements all over the island. They’re great on their own, but also amazing to have cold so we recommend you store some away in a fridge before indulging for a next level tropical fruit experience to beat the summer heat.

Thanks to contributing blogger Kshanika Argent