Living Heritage Koslanda’s Organic Peppery Pepper

Don’t ask how, but we keep hearing from friends and family around the world that our estate grown black peppercorns at Living Heritage, are somehow more ‘peppery’ than what they find in shops back home.

Sri Lanka is a home to a number of wild pepper varieties, and while native to southern India, Sri Lanka became a major supplier of this “black gold” as the Portuguese and then Dutch colonisers, sought to dominate the international spice route, before the eventual emergence of the British East India Company. Pepper has for over a sought after and immensely valuable commodity for trading on the Spice Route, which dates back before the days of Alexander the Great. Even to this day at the ‘King of Spices”.

So, how to explain the most ‘Peppery Pepper” we produce at Living Heritage? The best we can come up with is that it probably has a lot to do with being left untouched for years growing scattered across 8 acres of once abandoned land. With a little support from the jungle trees enabling their vines to climb high enough for sunshine and sturdy support to spread out at ease. This and the fact that the earth from which everything on our Koslanda estate grows, has known no industrial chemicals for well over 70 years and counting.

We like to call it the Living Heritage way, “to replenish, to breathe, regenerate and heal” and all the wonderful feedback about our black pepper is part of a long dream that is today a reality; the dream of creating a small haven where sustainable tourism is a reality. Hopefully we have created a model that can be replicated – one that respects and preserves local culture and the heritage and rituals of the forest.

And what’s more exiting after many years we finally have been able to package it up so that guests can return home with a little taste-reminder of Koslanda – 100% organic and sun dried, our aromatic pepper adds a whole new meaning to all your culinary creations – so make sure you ask for it when you stay with us!